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Looking for Iowa Health Insurance? - Welcome 

Solutions Insurance Agency is an Iowa licensed Independent Agency specializing in Iowa health insurance ONLY.    

If you're an existing client, thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

If you're a new visitor, welcome.  Please don't hesitate to give me a call, I'm here to help you through the maze we have called health insurance.

Open Enrollment will begin on November 1st and conclude on January 31st

Access to the new plans available under the Affordable Care Act is now available. 

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

 Click Here to get an instant quote from Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.


Click Here to get an instant quote from Aetna


Link for instant quote coming soon


Click Here to get an instant quote from Medica

A note regarding the Healthcare Exchange

Most of the plans that are available on the healthcare exchange are created so that they can be viewed as 'affordable', i.e with a lower price point ... this in general means that the benefits are cut down version of full 'off exchange' plans and most have reduced network choices.

 I'd be happy to help with any comparisons of both on and off exchange products.

I will be able to get the rates from the exchange, however I have also decided that I do not want to sell your, my, and the yet to to be born children into further debt serfdom, nor do I want to knowingly participate in the forced redistribution of currency(subsidies are funded via taxation) via the coercive nature of the state.  This means that I won't sell any plans on the rolex air king replica
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